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           23 - 28 August 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany


XAFS16 Collage

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XAFS16 proceedings cover
Proceedings now online !!!

The proceedings are now published online.

Link to the proceedings here.


6th June 2016

XAFS16 group photo
XAFS16 group photo

25 August 2015 : NEW !!!

The XAFS16 group photo is available : click here to download. Photo will be offered to all participants on Friday 28 August 2015.

XAFS16 group photo
Satellite Meetings
Satellite meetings & Workshop

Updated flyers for all three satellite meetings now available

New : Data analysis tutorials Workshop organized on 23 & 29 August in Karlsruhe

Navigate to "Conference program" for satellite meetings and data analysis workshop flyers!
or follow the link below:

Satellite Meetings
flyer industrial symposium
Industrial Symposium

Applications of XAS and related methods in industry

Flyer available here

Industrial Symposium
XFEL session

A session entirely dedicated to XFEL sources entitled “Current and future opportunities for X-ray spectroscopies at XFELs” will take place at the XAFS16 conference