Industrial symposium

Industrial Applications of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Session organizers/chairs:

  • Kristina Kvashnina (ESRF, France)
  • Anatoly Frenkel (Yeshiva University, USA)
  • Maria Casapu (KIT, Germany)
  • Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt (KIT, Germany)



Industrial symposium speakers

  • Peter Albers (Aqura, Germany)
  • Tetsuo Honma  (SPring-8 synchrotron , Japan)
  • Timothy Hyde (Johnson Matthey, UK)
  • Helena Kaper (Saint-Gobain, France)
  • Anna Kroner (Diamond, UK)
  • Yasutaka Nagai (Toyota, Japan)
  • Yoshikazu Takeda (AICHI synchrotron, Japan)
  • Christopher Tyrsted
  • Jianqiang Wang (Sinopec, China)




The objective of the industrial session is to reflect the growing recognition of X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy techniques by the industrial community and to gauge the needs of industry to future developments of XAS methods and new beamline facilities.

Scientists from selected industrial companies and synchrotron beamlines supporting industrial research were invited to present their work. The industrial session will showcase studies utilizing XAS for developing commercial products and methods, and introduce a few synchrotron facilities dedicated for industry. The industrial scientists will be able to interact directly with academic researchers and compare their approaches for solving analogous problems. This will help promote and enhance the collaboration and interactions between academic, industrial and beamline facility partners. Scientists from academic fields will gain deeper insight into the goals and challenges of industrial research. This interaction will poise to promote the development of new methods of X-ray absorption spectroscopy  from which both fundamental and applied research will benefit.