List of topics with numbers relevant for abstract submission


  1. X-ray facilities, instrumentation, optics
  2. Materials science and energy-related materials
  3. Catalysis
  4. Radioactive and nuclear materials
  5. Life science, biology and biochemistry
  6. Earth and environmental sciences
  7. Cultural heritage
  8. Atoms and molecules
  9. Nanotechnology
  10. Surfaces and interfaces
  11. Magnetism
  12. Soft matter
  13. X-ray scattering and electron spectroscopy (XES, RIXS, NIXS, HERFD, and XPS)
  14. Theoretical methods
  15. Software, data analysis
  16. New methods and combination of techniques
  17. Spectroscopies at XFEL sources, time-resolved and ultrafast techniques
  18. X-ray microscopy