Preparing your presentation




  • Microsoft® Powerpoint 2010 (Windows)
  • Microsoft® Powerpoint 2011 (Mac OS X version)

or pdf-Version 1.4

Orientation Landscape Portrait

Resolution 1024x768 pixels

max. 250 Mb


(84,1 x 118,9 cm)



The length of the talks includes 5 minutes for discussion.

  • plenary talk: 35min + 5min
  • keynote talk: 25min + 5min
  • regular talk:  15min + 5min


minimum 2.5 hours before your talk

On Monday / Tuesday before the start of poster session I / II (Between 8:00 and 17:00)

Poster list with attributed numbers and session is now available here.


at the presenters check-in located in Audimax

Poster sessions take place in buildings 30.41 and 30.46. Put up your poster yourself on your dedicated poster wall.

Poster wall locations depending on your topic session are available on the web here.

or for download as pdf below

how Memory stick (FAT format) Push-pins will be provided at the poster walls.
Retrieval - Please remove your poster by yourself just after the poster session. Remaining posters will be collected at the registration desk in Audimax.
Other information

Lecture Room Equipment

  • Video projector (beamer);
  • Laptop (identical with the Notebook for testing the oral presentation in the presenters’ check-in).
  • Presenter to switch slides incl. laser pointer;
  • Necklace speaker microphone;
  • Presentation timer with displays for presenter and chairperson;
  • Wireless hand-held discussion microphones (larger rooms only).

Use of own laptops is not possible!


All XAFS16 participants are reminded that posters or presentation slides projected during oral contributions are subject to the copyright of the authors. Photography of posters and slides is generally prohibited without the explicit agreement of the presenter!